If aliens visit us, the outcome would be much as when Columbus landed in America, which didn’t turn out well for the Native Americans.
– Stephen Hawking

Sideways in Hyperspace is serial science fiction by Fiona Nightingale. It is the story of mankind’s first steps onto a vast galactic stage.

Arc I: First Contact
Chapter 1: Kicking Starward
Chapter 2: Spacetime
Chapter 3: The Ones Who Came Before
Chapter 4: A Moth in a Hurricane
Chapter 5: Ripples in a Cosmic See
Chapter 6: Hyperbolic
Chapter 7: Radioactive
Chapter 8: Wanderlust
Chapter 9: Drive
Chapter 10: Arrivals
Chapter 11: Dark Harvest
Chapter 12: A Prayer for Brighter Days
Interlude α: Martians

Arc II: Conflux Problems
Chapter 13: Humans in Funny Suits
Chapter 14: The Devils of our Better Natures
Chapter 15: Poor Coordination Polka
Chapter 16: That Other, Slightly Better World
Chapter 17: Stranger in a Strange Land
Chapter 18: Wreckage on the Sea of Time
Chapter 19: Correspondence Bias
Chapter 20: Clockwork Physics
Chapter 21: Butterfly Effects
Chapter 22: The Lightspeed Generation
Chapter 23: Very Much Like Us
Chapter 24: On the Shores of the Cosmic Ocean
Interlude β: Immortals

Arc III: Drake Equations
Chapter 25: Zugzwang
Chapter 26: Posthuman
Chapter 27: Availability Heuristics
Chapter 28: Depth of Field
Chapter 29: Pity for the Devil
Chapter 30: Missed Connections
Chapter 31: Particle Tracks
Chapter 32: Parallel Graves
Chapter 33: Pushing Salvation
Chapter 34: Integral
Chapter 35: The Idea That Kills Worlds
Chapter 36: Perverse Instantiation
Interlude γ: Gravity War

Intermission 01: The Transmission

Arc IV: Maginot Games
Chapter 37: Oscar Charlie Papa

Additional Material
Vessel Specifications

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