Horizon Breaker Class Exploratory Mining Vessel FI-EMV Stoneburner Elliptical Orbit 30,000 KM from Amateru, Epsilon Tauri January 2219 Alice Pendragon drummed her fingers on her workstation in the EMV Stoneburner’s Mining Information Center. In her head, she was mentally ticking off the seconds until their next automated resupply shipment arrived from the Pioneer Station orbiting … Continue reading Spacetime


Kicking Starward

Newton class starship MSCV Empiricist Circular Orbit 15 AU from Luyten’s Star January 2219 For whatever reason, wake-up alarms had always been designed by sadists. That was, at least, the only plausible explanation that came to the mind of Mission Commander Ivy Czininski as a horrible spike of sound drilled down into a rather pleasant … Continue reading Kicking Starward