Newton Class Starship MSCV Empiricist Elliptical Orbit 8 AUS from Luyten’s Star February 2219 “You ready for this Jean?” Ivy asked her subordinate. They were seated in a small communications booth off of the bridge. It had taken nearly another week of semi-automated database queries between the two parties before they felt confident they were … Continue reading Radioactive



Horizon Breaker Class Exploratory Mining Vessel FI-EMV Stoneburner Hyperbolic Planetary Escape Trajectory 105,000 KM over Amateru, Epsilon Tauri January 2219 “Did it do anything as we flew by?” Owen growled into the microphone inside his suit as he and Murphy cannonballed at breakneck speeds up the spine of the ship towards the MIC. “Nothing,” Alice … Continue reading Hyperbolic