Poor Coordination Polka

Marathon Class Starship UNDF Leyte Gulf Elliptical Orbit 9 AUs From Luyten’s Star April 2219 Commodore Maeve O’Donnell sipped her third cup of coffee, watching ships dance amidst one another on callouts that were constantly vanishing and reforming as electronic jamming washed over the Leyte Gulf with waves of multispectral noise. ECCM systems struggled to … Continue reading Poor Coordination Polka


The Devils of Our Better Natures

Discovery Class Starship FI-ESV Better Margins Galactic Orbit 24,970 Light Years from Sagittarius A* April 2219 No matter how many times he watched it, no matter the angle or the speed he was watching it at, Benjamin Nesco felt the same horrible sinking feeling in his gut every time. It felt as if a great … Continue reading The Devils of Our Better Natures