Correspondence Bias

Styx Class Orbital Scow LDS-OS Bob Dylan 15,944 Kilometers from Earth May 2219 Angela Eastlake awoke with a groan. Her entire body ached, her skin throbbing as if it were a muscle. Every nerve in her body was firing off at full tilt, and she saw stars dancing behind her eyelids. She tried to roll … Continue reading Correspondence Bias


Wreckage on the Sea of Time

United Nations Embassy Project Mars Dome Central Administration Building Sacra Mensa, Martian Socialist Republic Mars, Sol April 2219 Jacob Chryse paced the lobby of the Central Administration Building in the UN Embassy Project on Mars, riding on a mountain of anxiety instilled in him by the bleating alert from his house systems and the level … Continue reading Wreckage on the Sea of Time

That Other, Slightly Better World

Marathon Class Starship UNDF Leyte Gulf Elliptical Orbit 9 AUs From Luyten’s Star April 2219 “Ma’am?” Katie Hawthorne asked nervously, nudging Maeve O’Donnell awake. “The Martians have stopped jamming us, the alien ship is gone. The Commodore sat up in her chair and habitually tucked her hair behind her ears, “Order our e-war to stand … Continue reading That Other, Slightly Better World