Main Server Bank Command Level UNDFS Oculus Station Ceres November 2219 “Alright then,” the android said to the datamancer, “let’s talk.” Jacob Chryse’s mission completion bar ticked one step further at the android’s words, and chains of mission orders updated on his HUD. “The reshapers?” Jacob asked, quickly pulling up the rehearsed lines the data … Continue reading Integral

Particle Tracks

Newton Class Starship MSCV Empiricist Hyperbolic Stellar Escape Trajectory 12 AUs from HD189245 October 2219 The Empiricist fell back into spacetime after forty-three days in warp. The technicolor warp tunnel vanished from the wallscreens to reveal a pale and troubled young sun wandering by itself in the dark vastness of space. The system was empty … Continue reading Particle Tracks

Depth of Field

Shinobi Network Systems Headquarters Building 8th Avenue and Lenora Street Seattle, Salish Sea Administrative Zone Earth September 2219 Dorian Valetti was, at age forty-eight, one of the youngest billionaires on Earth. His company, Shinobi Network Systems, was one of the fastest growing multinationals of the recent decades. They’d been sweeping through the fields of computer … Continue reading Depth of Field