That Other, Slightly Better World

Marathon Class Starship UNDF Leyte Gulf Elliptical Orbit 9 AUs From Luyten’s Star April 2219 “Ma’am?” Katie Hawthorne asked nervously, nudging Maeve O’Donnell awake. “The Martians have stopped jamming us, the alien ship is gone. The Commodore sat up in her chair and habitually tucked her hair behind her ears, “Order our e-war to stand … Continue reading That Other, Slightly Better World

Dark Harvest

Newton Class Starship MSCV Empiricist Elliptical Orbit 8 AUS from Luyten’s Star March 2219 Two hours after its arrival, the MNCV Newton’s Prism was joined by dozens of ships dropping out of warp all around the light attack frigate. Space rippled and distorted as frigates, cruisers, and destroyers fell out of their warp tunnels seconds apart from one another. … Continue reading Dark Harvest