Here is a list of songs for each chapter of the story. The list will be updated at the completion of each story arc. Listen to the songs individually or view the whole playlist on youtube.

Arc I: First Contact
Chapter 1: Kicking Starward: AcyOrt – Aldnoah Zero OST
Chapter 2: Spacetime: Senbonzakura – cover by Lindsey Sterling
Chapter 3: The Ones Who Came Before: I’ve Rationed Well – July Talk
Chapter 4: A Moth In A Hurricane: Annan Water – The Decemberists
Chapter 5: Ripples on a Cosmic See: New Americana – Halsey
Chapter 6: Hyperbolic: Rhiannon – Faun
Chapter 7: Radioactive: Radioactive – cover by Madilyn Bailey
Chapter 8: Wanderlust: Hurricane – Halsey
Chapter 9: Drive: Drive – Halsey
Chapter 10: Arrivals: The Wild Wild Berry – Hladowski & Joynes
Chapter 11: Dark Harvest: Ring of Fire – Johnny Cash
Chapter 12: A Prayer for Brighter Days: Seven Nation Army – Cover by Zella Day

Arc II: Conflux Problems
Chapter 13: Humans in Funny Suits: Teardrop – Massive Attack
Chapter 14: The Devils of Our Better Natures: Shoot Him Down – Alice Francis
Chapter 15: Poor Coordination Polka: Lone Digger – Caravan Palace
Chapter 16: That Other, Slight Better World: Cover My Eyes – La Roux
Chapter 17: Stranger in a Strange Land: An Toll Dub – Runrig
Chapter 18: Wreckage on the Sea of Time: Closer – The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey
Chapter 19: Correspondence Bias: Kingdom Fall – Claire Wyndham
Chapter 20: Clockwork Physics: Gonna Need a Grave – Urban Country 
Chapter 21: Butterfly Effects: I Appear Missing – Queens of the Stone Age
Chapter 22: The Lightspeed Generation: The Garden – Halsey
Chapter 23: Very Much Like Us: Nothing But You – Paul Van Dyk
Chapter 24: On the Shores of the Cosmic Ocean: Roundtable Rival – Lindsey Stirling

Arc III: Drake Equations
Chapter 25: Zugzwang: Far Above the Clouds – Mike Oldfield
Chapter 26: Posthuman: Stare Into the Light – Dear Frederic 
Chapter 27: Availability Heuristics: Lost Girls – Lindsey Stirling
Chapter 28: Depth of Field: Native Skin – Neulore 
Chapter 29: Pity for the Devil: In the Air Tonight – Cover by Kelly Sweet
Chapter 30: Missed Connections: Cry Wolf – Luna Shadows
Chapter 31: Particle Tracks: Thorns – Luna Shadows
Chapter 32: Parallel Graves: Lofticries – Purity Ring
Chapter 33: Pushing Salvation: Young – Vallis Alps
Chapter 34: Integral: Between Two Points – The Glitch Mob
Chapter 35: The Idea That Kills Worlds: Way Down We Go – Kaleo
Chapter 36: Perverse Instantiation: Thousand Eyes – Of Monsters And Men

Arc IV: Maginot Games
Chapter 37: Oscar Charlie Papa: No Sleep – Danny E.B