Here is a list of songs for each chapter of the story. The list will be updated at the completion of each story arc.

Arc I: First Contact
Chapter 1: Kicking Starward: AcyOrt – Aldnoah Zero OST
Chapter 2: Spacetime: Senbonzakura – cover by Lindsey Sterling
Chapter 3: The Ones Who Came Before: I’ve Rationed Well – July Talk
Chapter 4: A Moth In A Hurricane: Annan Water – The Decemberists
Chapter 5: Ripples on a Cosmic See: New Americana – Halsey
Chapter 6: Hyperbolic: Rhiannon – Faun
Chapter 7: Radioactive: Radioactive – cover by Madilyn Bailey
Chapter 8: Wanderlust: Hurricane – Halsey
Chapter 9: Drive: Drive – Halsey
Chapter 10: Arrivals: The Wild Wild Berry – Hladowski & Joynes
Chapter 11: Dark Harvest: Ring of Fire – Johnny Cash
Chapter 12: A Prayer for Brighter Days: Seven Nation Army – Cover by Zella Day

Arc II: Conflux Problems
Chapter 13: Humans in Funny Suits: Teardrop – Massive Attack
Chapter 14: The Devils of Our Better Natures: Shoot Him Down – Alice Francis
Chapter 15: Poor Coordination Polka: Lone Digger – Caravan Palace
Chapter 16: That Other, Slight Better World: Cover My Eyes – La Roux
Chapter 17: Stranger in a Strange Land: An Toll Dub – Runrig
Chapter 18: Wreckage on the Sea of Time: Closer – The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey
Chapter 19: Correspondence Bias: Kingdom Fall – Claire Wyndham
Chapter 20: Clockwork Physics: Gonna Need a Grave – Urban Country 
Chapter 21: Butterfly Effects: I Appear Missing – Queens of the Stone Age
Chapter 22: The Lightspeed Generation: The Garden – Halsey
Chapter 23: Very Much Like Us: Nothing But You – Paul Van Dyk
Chapter 24: On the Shores of the Cosmic Ocean: Roundtable Rival – Lindsey Stirling

Arc III: Drake Equations
Chapter 25: Zugzwang: Far Above the Clouds – Mike Oldfield
Chapter 26: Posthuman: Stare Into the Light – Dear Frederic 
Chapter 27: Availability Heuristics: Lost Girls – Lindsey Stirling
Chapter 28: Depth of Field: Native Skin – Neulore 
Chapter 29: Pity for the Devil: In the Air Tonight – Cover by Kelly Sweet
Chapter 30: Missed Connections: Cry Wolf – Luna Shadows
Chapter 31: Particle Tracks: Thorns – Luna Shadows
Chapter 32: Parallel Graves: Lofticries – Purity Ring
Chapter 33: Pushing Salvation: Young – Vallis Alps
Chapter 34: Integral: Between Two Points – The Glitch Mob
Chapter 35: The Idea That Kills Worlds: Way Down We Go – Kaleo
Chapter 36: Perverse Instantiation: Thousand Eyes – Of Monsters And Men