2020 – Red Dragon Mission

2025 – First Human on Mars

2036 – First martian live birth

2048 – Mars Colony population reaches 1 million

2051 – Mars declares independence from Earth, cutting ties with the initial colonizing nations.

2052 – The United Nations convene an emergency session, signing the Treaty of Man and declaring all human nations regardless of location fall under UN jurisdiction.

2052 – The newly formed Martian Socialist Republic withdraws from the UN and declares war, stating themselves to be ‘Refugees of the tyranny of Earth’ and refusing to submit to UN authority.

2057 – The Martian war of Independence ends with a negotiated ceasefire and a Mars outside of UN jurisdiction.

2061 – Robotic prosthetics are capable of matching and surpassing all the capabilities of a biological limb.

2068 – The first true anti-senescencics reach the commercial market

2076 – Malaria is declared eradicated worldwide.

2088 – Fusion propulsion breakthroughs by Mars allow the human colonization of the outer solar system.

2099 – Mars launches the Alpha Centauri colonization mission

2101 – The Gravity War, the only conflict fought only with spacecraft, during which the outer gas planets broke away from Earth and Mars.

2102 – Launch of the UN Constellation Project starships. Huge generation ships designed to ferry humanity to nearby stars.

2112 – Invention of the Hibernation Pod.

2115 – Gravity War ends with an independent Jupiter and Saturn

2119 – First Space Elevator is constructed on Earth in the Strait of Malacca

2150 – Alpha Centauri colony fleet arrives and settles the garden world located at Proxima Centauri b

2161 – The colonial government of Proxima Centauri b collapses due to food shortages and agricultural difficulties on the new planet. The planetary government balkanizes into various competing warlords

2163 – The first human successfully awakened after being cryonically preserved due to preventable death

2166 – The Human Betterment Coalition on Alpha Centauri, an alliance of eugenicists, takes control of the largest continent.

2199 – Warp Drive invented by Adriana Thellis

2201 – The Martian Socialist Republic fights The Lightspeed Conflict against the warlords of Alpha Centauri, liberating the system in the name of Mars.

2205 – Development of the first true optical implant.

2218 – Technical First Contact

2219 – True First Contact, current year.